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Friday, April 3, 2015

Rochester Postcard Project Day 16

Rochester is known, unfortunately, for its' missteps.  The latest major one was selling Midtown Plaza to be demolished and have other buildings built on its' site.  Half way through the demo that company that bought the property went under.  The city decided to finish the demo instead of leaving ruined buildings.

One of the sections was bought by an other company and remodeled for their purposes and now the only other section left standing is waiting its' turn to be remodeled too.  During the demo, though, I saw this site and decided to draw it.

Again I was going for documenting and good composition.  This was the last section to come down.  I was downtown on a Saturday and the crew wasn't working at that time.  As I was walking by I noticed how the excavator framed the steeple at Sibleys.  There quite a bit of dust in the air and the crew had left one water fan running to cut down on the dust but, it was still thick. 

The foreground is nothing but ruble but the background is the stately beauty of the citys' architectural past

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