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Monday, April 27, 2015

Rochester Postcard Project Day 39

So, finally, the last postcard.  I end up back at the first site I ever went to in Rochester just for the sake of seeing it.  Charlotte beach and Lake Ontario, one of the Great Lakes.  So big it goes over the horizon.  It had been years since I had been to a real beach.  And I grew up surrounded by them, living in Puerto Rico for so many years.  I had missed it.  But it would be a few months before I went down there.  I moved here in January.

But when I did it was early spring and still windy with wind swept clouds and freezing.  A couple of months later I came down during the warmer months and really enjoyed the view.  The water was still cold(it never got warm) but walking in the sand was fun.  Accept for avoiding the seagull poop.  Boy, I am making this place sound SOOO great.  LOL.  Anyway I still did see the beauty of the place as the sun set.  For eight minutes the entire area was bathed in deep orange light and the shadows cast giants in the sand.  I was awe struck.

This is the contrast of the city of Rochester.  From big industry, to lavish mansions and ending with  wonderful sunsets, it has it all.  And we are considered a small city.  Oh well, got to love it.

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  1. Mark - what an accomplishment! You have really captured a the glow of color at sunset. I love reading your posts too. Your dedication to your work is inspiring. Great job!