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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Rochester Postcard Project Day 21

Here is another example of the shape of something catching my attention.  This is the Douglas Anthony bridge.  It was the entrance into Rochester for my wife and I when we moved here.  It is a short span but with a massive impact.  Driving across it I got the impressiveness of its size, but, many months later, I came across this angle that made an even bigger impression.

At some point during my unemployment the state connected me with the Veterans Outreach Center to help guide my search for work.  Over several months I visited their offices quite often.  One day I discovered the scenic walkway along the Genesee river.  I decided to walk back downtown instead of waiting for the bus to go one mile for my connection.  It was quiet and almost nobody else walking there. 

I took my time doing that to take in all the vistas before me.  Not far from where I started on that walkway I went under the bridge.  As I neared it I looked up to this scene and had to stop and draw.  It was one of those times when I actually enjoyed the modern lines around me. 

My eyes where led up to the top of the arch and it and all the other lines made me follow it to the far side of the river.  The rippling shadow of water  below it led me back to where I was standing.  It reminded me of progress leading us to the future and the shadows of our past making me look back to myself.  Yeah - Yeah - I know, a bit sappy but it is what I felt.

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