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Monday, April 20, 2015

Rochester Postcard Project Day 32

So, today I am talking about one of Rochester most recognized landmarks, the Kodak Tower.  Built back before cars.  It is hard to think of someone riding by in there horse and buggy and looking up on this. Still, it is impressive, even when Kodak gets in the news TODAY for the wrong reasons.

That big hack of SONY several months ago revealed how bad off Kodak really is.  Emails from the CEO reveal haw far he's been fighting to convince the big studios to buy their film.  Enough said on that matter for now though.

This scene was done while I was standing by that parking garage that I used to stay dry and to draw the DNA stairs.  When the rain died down I stepped out to this.  I had to draw it so I quickly lay'd out the basic shapes then took a snapshot (it was still threatening more rain).  Then I caught the next bus home.

I wanted to get the detail down pat and that included all those windows.  When your tower is only an inch tall that means very small windows.  But, I had an ace up my sleeve, my fathers glasses.  He'd given a pair of his old ones to me and they are strong.  When I need to see up VERY close I use his.  With them I was able to draw in EVERY window visible.

  Why did I do all that.  Well the tower had been going through some renovation for over a year and it had scaffolding covering it up.  At this point it was minimal - about half way up, but it was going to work its way all the way up.  So I wanted to capture it before it was too covered up.

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