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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Rochester Postcard Project Day 37

This place is close to my heart, the Charlotte Light House.  It is one of the first restored sites that I was able to explore here in Rochester.  Of all the buildings I have drawn of this city this is the one I have drawn the most.  Early on I became friends with the members of the historical society that is working to preserve and make it available to the public.

This drawing was done early on since it has the power lines running to it.  They have since been buried and shutters have been added to all the windows, including the fake ones.  I have been through the loss of their lens in the lighthouse to the return of an other one. 

I have even been hired to create a coloring book of the history of the area for their gift shop.  I will be making more trips there this summer and plan on making more drawings of the site.

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  1. A coloring book sounds like a great idea - another accomplishment in the long list of publications to your credit. Next time I'm in Rochester, I'll have to pick one up.