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Friday, April 17, 2015

Rochester Postcard Project Day 29

So for months I had passed by this location and was intrigued. The Mount Hope cemetery.  A victorian jewel for the city  with tons of history in it. Susan B Anthony and Fredrick Douglas of national fame are buried here along with a veritable who's who of the builders of this city. 

When it was proposed the people of the city thought it was the worst location for a cemetery.  But, the city went ahead and did the work to set it up.  When they were done the same people that derided it now lined up to save plots to be buried there.  Unlike most cemeteries, built of flat gentle land, this land is a maze of hills.  And that is what makes this place so beautiful. 

Small plots here and there lay'd out to fit the terrain.  Some areas were set aside for certain groups of people.  There is a spot for the dead brought back from the Civil War. Other plots setup for family's.  It is a definite exercise to walk this property, but at one point I decided to hike up this one tree covered hill because I could see the shadow of a mausoleum at the top. 

As I approached it came into view.  This scene here.  So forgotten, no family to care for it, that the trees were even growing out of the roof of the portico.  There are several like this with no one to care for it.  I did come across one woman pulling weeds and cleaning up the tombstone of her parents.  They have staff here to take care of the grounds but some areas look neglected. 

Still, it is this look that makes this cemetery stand out as a place to go - as a beauty to be drawn.

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  1. Reminds me of Highgate - a Victorian cemetery in north London. I love this image Mark. It perfectly illustrates that even among stone and decay, life springs forth. Its an image full of hope and promise.