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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rochester Postcard Project Day 28

Like punched out teeth of a boxer this gash is the last exposed remnant of the city's foray into its subway system.  This scar is all but ignored.  A year or two before my wife and I moved here there was still the subway building standing in the open area to the right.  But, sadly, the city decided to demolish it.

Our current Lt Gov. was once our city's Mayor.  He, once, threw a great big party in the section of the subway that is under the Broad street  bridge.  His intent, to raise money to turn the entire bridge into a a "water" park across the Genesee river.  Not one to play in but a big reflection pool across the river.  Effectively cutting off use of that bridge as a bridge for cars.

Anyway, that never went through, thank God.  But because of the work done for that party They had built a wooden stair case down into this old thoroughfare.  I went down into it once after the party and walked all the way from the Blue Cross arena - under the Public library(seen in this drawing-the big block building in the middle) and out through this station stop.

I drew this at this angle because it reminded me of the scar on the city that it is.  There are parts of this city's history that need some attention.  This is one of them.  Here, at this spot, it is crumbling - but it can be preserved as part of the history of the transportation tech that made this city possible.  This spot - through to the arena represents the Erie canal, the railroad, the subway and the road ways that built this city - all in one spot.  That should be preserved to be seen.

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