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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Rochester Postcard Project Day 33

The Lehigh Valley Rail Road Station in Rochester.  A prominent Railroad for its time in this area.  These spire drew my attention the first time I saw them.  And it is a great example of preservation of our past.
This building is now the Dinosaur Restaurant.  A good BBQ joint. 

It also holds a strong place for me since the John Payton Project( my cousins band) plays there regularly.  But, all that aside, I just love the attention to the details in even a small train station like this one.  This building was a statement piece for the rail road. 

I have seen photos of the station when it was in operation and they took pride in this place.  The fact that it is now a place to eat doesn't detract from its past but celebrates it as a gathering place that it has always been


  1. Never knew the Dinosaur was a railroad station (!?!). This work looks both rooted in the past and vibrant in the present. I love your interpretation - as always excellent draftsmanship - great job tackling perspective, and the detail looks fun to do too!

    1. Grandma Guldenschuh was the one to teach me perspective drawing - along with everthing else she taught me.