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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Rochester Postcard Project Day 19

It was a comfortable day, the day I drew this. Mid Spring at lunch time.  I found my self wondering around the area and I came across this scene.  Mundane, to say the  least.  Yet, it is the center of the universe for these people.  Me, I was broke so I couldn't partake.  The smell of the food was driving nuts so I did what I could do, draw.

I moved around a bit till I got this composition.  A crowded scene, full of info.  But I wanted to try to use that busyness to draw your attention to the main subject, Lunch.  When it is time for it everything around you evaporates.  All you want to do is eat or take your break from work.  And here was a line of people wanting to do just that.

After a moment I settled for this format.  All the busyness is still there but it all leads you to the food cart.  The buildings above, with their straight vertical lines point right to the cart the "V" of the trees on each side, the same. the Umbrella and the two people on either side of the cart frame it.  Even the two people off to the side keep the interest on the cart. 

Just a moment in time in the city, but still important.

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