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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rochester Postcard Project Day 26

Two thirds of the way through and I have reached one of my grandfathers passions so it is also mine, that being the railroad.  This city got rich off the Erie Canal, but it boomed when the railroad came to town.  Of course it is what made the whole country but here we are.

 Many times I was down by Goodman Ave. so I was also near the main hub for the railroad for Rochester.  I hung around the area enough that the workers left me alone.  They would see me with my camera or sketch pad and knew I wasn't stupid enough to go out on the lines. 

This area was the height of the industrial.  Little thought was given to style and aesthetic.  That in itself ends up giving the site a certain beauty all its own.  This construct, as far as I could tell was only for passing lines from one side of the rails to the other without being under the weight of trains.  The crisscross of the beams forming X"s may make this wire bridge sturdy but also make an interesting repetitive design, standing out alone. Like a sentinel.

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