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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Rochester Postcard Project Day 17

As you can see from this drawing, for those of you that know Rochester, this was drawn before the last one.  It was drawn before they started the demo on Midtown.  And it is from the other end of Sibleys as the last drawing.

One morning about 6am I found myself taking a bus somewhere, looking for work.  I had a few minutes before my connecting bus arrived and so I looked around.  It was dawn and the clouds were hanging low, the sun painting them deep orange.  So I whipped out the sketchbook and quickly put this down.  I also had my camera with me and took the same scene with it. 

All day long I worked on this one because I just loved the colors.  Of course I only had my camera screen to refer back to.  a bit smaller then my sketchbook.  and I had to keep going back to menu to bring up the image since it wouldn't stay on the screen but for a few seconds. 

In the end I was able to really get the mood of that sight.  Sleepy and peaceful, ready for a new day.

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