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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rochester Postcard Project Day 34

So - as you can guess by now, I look for the stuff people miss or out right ignore.  When a place has been thee for over a hundred years there are many spot that get lost or forgotten.  This drawing is of one of those spots.

One day I found myself exploring around High Falls.  Really making a point to look for stuff I had missed.  There was quite a lot of industry there over a century ago.  And while there are some big chunks of it purposely preserved There is always something that slipped.

This day I walked to the closest spot to the top of the Falls that anyone can get to.  On the west bank I leaned of the empty window of an old factory and watched the water tumble over the edge.  After a while I looked up river towards the overpass for the interstate and the rail road bridge.  There on a ledge of each pylon was an electric pole that had to be from the late 1800's to early 1900's.  The had no wire on them and they are rotting away, but there they stood.  I guess they were in a too precarious location to spend the money to take them down.

So now we have a snap shot of that time.  It wasn't until this very week that I found out that they were part of the system of wires coming out of the old RG&E power plant that was built into the cliff side on the eastern side.  That building stills stands, all boarded up.  I hear they have plans for it.  Maybe they can also figure out a way to incorporate these towers too.

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  1. What artists do - notice and preserve things that most have left ignored. Thanks for bringing this bit of history to us in the form of a beautiful illustration. Great work Mark!