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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Rochester Postcard Project Day 20

Behind the scene from yesterday is a park named for our first president but memorializes a different one.  Washington Park is small, one block.  But is right at the official entrance to the city off the interstate.  Literally one square of trees framing a monument in the middle.  Well actually two of them.  Both of them for the civil war.  off to one side is a cement podium that at one time held a small cannon(that has been stolen) and in the center of the park is this monument.

A central column with a statue of Lincoln at the top, holding a page (supposedly the Emancipation Proclamation).  Four soldiers surround him and on the bottom are four reliefs depicting Rochester's contribution to the war.  A quite little park that most everybody ignores.  Except during the the occupy movement.

During that time the park became our own "Occupy" headquarters.  Wall to wall tents, all covered in pigeon poop LOL.  Anyway, when I drew this it was hot out.  No one was in the park at the time.  The monument is a great piece of sculpture and represents an important part of our country's history.  But, as most Americas do - it is forgotten. 

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