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Sunday, April 12, 2015

rochester Postcard Project Day 24

This is a good example of mixing sketching with camera shots.  The Ford Street bridge wasn't going any where so it was easy enough to sketch, along with the background but the boat and the seagulls were on the move.  Now the Boat was still easy enough to lay down too, but I did have to take a snap shot to get some of this down. 

The Boat is the Mary Jemison and use to take people on rides up the Genesee river.  It has been retired.  An occasion of just getting to old to maintain but still a loss  for the city.  I drew this because it epitomized the summer activities here. 

The seagulls on the other hand were all over the place - hence the snap shot.  They are the one thing in this drawing that I  purposely  arranged.  But the image is what you would see if you came here during the summer.

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